La Dolce Vita – Natural Jute Handmade Macrame Plant Hanger with Vintage Beads

•April 25, 2013 • 2 Comments

Gorgeous 2 1/2″ long vintage, dark brown oval wood beads made me love this one so much I am tempted to keep it for me! I simply adore vintage finds like that! They are nearly impossible to find big ones like that now.

Handmade with natural jute, this macrame plant hanger is about 39″ to the bottom of the plant, and 49″ long overall.

The accents at the top and bottom are deep forest green jute and vintage brown jute.

The steel ring at the top, upcycled & slightly rusted for a rustic appearance,

Chunky Chinese crown knotting, and 4 strands of alternating twisting sinnets, airy spacers & square knots surround the beautiful beads.

Holds a 8-10″ pot.


Bella Sera Handmade Natural Jute Macrame Plant Hanger

•April 22, 2013 • 2 Comments

Handmade with 4 rows of all square knotting, this natural jute plant hanger is about 28″ to the bottom of this perfectly fitting 8″ diameter wood bowl, and ” long overall.

Featuring 8 dark brown oval beads and 4 vintage orange oval beads, it also has a 3″ slightly rusted steel ring, upcycled from an old steel pipe.

green abstract – Macramaking

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Hermione – Natural Jute Handmade Macrame Hanging Planter

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This handmade natural jute macrame plant hanger is made with all square knotting. It has 12 dark brown smooth wood beads.

Made with a 3″ steel ring , upcycled from an old steel pipe. Gently rusted with vinegar, to add to the rustic, earthy appearance.

Approximately 30″ to the bottom of the pot, and 42″ overall length.

Shown with a 10″ pot, it can also hold up to 12″ diameter planter.

Georgina- Handmade Natural Jute Macrame Plant Hanger

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“Lady of the garden”
With big, round, spring- green wood beads, this macrame plant hanger was handmade with 6-ply natural jute into this single hanger made to fit a 8-10″ pot.

Shown here with a 9″ pot.

It has a 3″ upcycled steel ring that has been gently rusted with white vinegar.

Made with 4 strands, beginning and ending in square knots, with long airy spacers separating them from the swirly twisting sinnets in the middle.

Spring Green Double Handmade Natural Jute Macrame Plant Hanger

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Happy Spring!

A gigantic double natural jute hanger for two big happy plants.

Shown here with two 9″ diameter pots, ideally the top section will look best with 8-9″ and the bottom would look best with a 10-11″ pot.

Hanging from a custom made 6″ steel “S” hook, it will rust slightly if used outdoors where it will get rained on. (I recommend spraying the jute with Scotchguard or Vectra furniture spray if using outside to reduce weathering)

Six rows of heavy knotting- swirly, twisting half-knot sinnets, with 12 spring green wood beads, and green jute accents at the top, middle & bottom.

This one took about three hours to make.

Honey- Miniature Handmade Natural Hemp Macrame Plant Hanger

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Only 10″ long, this teeny tiny macrame plant hanger was handmade with natural brown jewelry size hemp.

So cute for a cubicle accessory, dollhouse or sunny window.

The tiny metal oval ring at the top was taken from an old metal chain & repurposed into this hanger.

With three strands of square knotting and three copper filigree style beads.

The 2″ terracotta pot fits perfectly.