Sometimes I just can’t think of what to call one…but dinner is ready 🙂

I have had quite a few new plant hangers made & added listings on Etsy but I am a little behind on shipping and posting here.

It’s so funny, I can go a week with no bites, & then boom! A flurry of custom orders all at once!

This one made, just for fun…

Handmade with smaller size, vintage, natural jute.

I cut the cords at home hoping something marvelous would emerge… then took it to work with me & on my breaks i tied a little at a time.

Normal for this time of year for me.. I find it relaxing to stand up & tie knots on my 10 minute breaks and after lunch.

Made with a 1″ wood ring at the top, and 4 strands of square knots. It has some open spacers to make it lighter.

Dark walnut stained wood beads add to the balance.

Perfectly fitting this 5″ diameter pot, 4 1/4′ tall.

About 28″ to the bottom, 36″ total length (measured without the pot).


~ by macramaking on September 6, 2012.

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