Americana Handmade Upcycled Macrame Plant Hanger

Made in USA! Vintage rug yard reclaimed from another era of American manufacturing upcycled into this red white and blue handmade macrame plant hanger, topped with a rustic black metal star.

Based on my research this rug yarn was probably manufactured in Boiling Springs, NC sometime between the late 50’s- early 80’s. Having worked previously with the owner of the company, Western Dynasty, it was a thriving American manufacturer until Clinton signed Nafta, according to him.

The fibers, still on the original wooden spool, it reminds me of how so many families, including my own, were supported by fiber industries such as this.

Up-cycled into this charming macrame plant hanger.

The black steel star was custom made for me by someone I found on Etsy, who like me, still enjoys making things by hand & takes pride in their work.

Perfectly fitting this 8″ wood bowl, it is 28″ to the bottom of the planter, and 41″ total length.


~ by macramaking on February 27, 2012.

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